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im ares and i like drawing and looking at other peoples drawings if you like those things too you should talk to me

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pixel by syosa

love it when my anime subs just stop in the middle of the episode never to return

im either going to dream about the eraserhead baby or nicki minajs ass please be the second one please

ghosti replied to your post: “things i should have done: put the eraserhead baby under a readmore my…”:
you deleted the original post what were u saying

im concerned for david lynchs safety because the baby was and probably still is in his house somewhere

ghosti replied to your post: “i hope that the baby in pt wasnt a reference to eraserhead because if…”:
im laughing i havent played a lot of silent hill do they do a lot of eraserhead references (do u not liket he movie)

theres some guesses that this baby in p.t. (the demo for the new silent hill game coming) is a ref to the eraserhead baby

i cant really

decide if i like the movie or not but the last half got to me i know that i got really uncomfortable by the baby laughing and then nauseus by it like… shaking and exploding or whatever that was im usually good with horror i dont know why it got to me

the last half of eraserhead is everything i dont like condensed into about 40 minutes i feeel like im going to throw up

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i hope that the baby in pt wasnt a reference to eraserhead because if there is more of that in silenthills i will not survive a single playthrough

things i should have done: put the eraserhead baby under a readmore my follower count just bombed and i am sorry that picture was gross i shouldnt have forced it on people when i wasnt even sure how to tag it for people whod really not like it

byebabysayonara replied to your post: “david lynch probably had this thing in his house for a long period of…”:
They have something similar to it in a game called P.T. (Most likely a homage) but yeah I agree it’s very gross

the one in pt is strangely fine to me??? i didnt mind it at all i think its the fact that the baby in eraserhead is like

actually in this world possibly still in david lynchs basement freaks me out

also the fact that lynch refuses to say how he made it for some reason

wathing eraserhead about half way through and i was like this isnt so bad what was everyone on about this is kind of sweet actually and then immediately after just the “oh you are sick”

i was warned and i should have listened


honestly me right now


Sea-front Street [listen on 8tracks[art credit]

a playlist centered around kaigan doori by asian kung-fu generation. with end of season vibes.

01. kaigan doori - asian kung-fu generation // 02. white summer and green bicycle, red hair with black guitar - the pillows // 03. eine kleine (アイネクライネ) - kenshi yonezu // 04. aoi shiori - galileo galilei // 05. funny bunny - the pillows // 06. しらないまち - HINTO // 07. MUSiC - kana-boon // 08. aishiteru - base ball bear // 09. aru machi no gunjou - asian kung-fu generation // 10. hybrid rainbow (cover) - bump of chicken // 11. 眠れぬ森の君のため - kana-boon // 12. kaigan doori (acoustic) - asian kung-fu generation //


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cat dude from animal crossing.

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you: lmao what are you, twelve??