im ares and i like drawing and looking at other peoples drawings if you like those things too you should talk to me

they/them he/him

art only blog

pixels by syosa


Akira Mado


when ur crush likes someone else but u still wanna be cool and happy for themimage


I am kim nana

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i love killua


draw me like one of your shoujo girls


He is Eros and Apollo

started this for halloween and my blog im determined to get it out early but i cant decide if i should line and cel shade it or do a full paint hn

"All girls are born beautiful princesses."

im so excited you have no idea

i had a thought that might be a problem with my wig (the one we looked at before) so im going to do a test with my miku wig tonight to see if itll work or not o:

all the pictures with a un and koto together give me joy


fem!haikyuu dump……… e

kiastirling replied to your post: “kiastirling replied to your post: “delta is a dick that doesnt allow…”:
a litter trained bunny? Oh wow. My mom’s rabbits were… not. Good luck with getting her to Japan with you!

yeah yeah most bunnies you can get through this adoption org are litter trained

my buns foster mama has said in our emails that shes really good about it and hasnt once gone outside her litterbox

i guess it makes sense because shes a very fussy bunny who prefers pretty much any creature under the sun to her own kind and is picky with the arrangement of her blankets so of course she has neat habits lol